Football Fever Kick Off

Now I truly do have the football fever, I haven't even finished my blog about Singapore (pfft forget about that for now)
  photos by: Gettyimages @ Fifa
I tuned in the Matchcast a little after 50 minutes into the game and I was surprised to find out that the first score was made by KR only 7 minutes into the game. I could imagine the tension Greece felt to have their opponent score a goal so early into the game.
Lee Jung Soo after scoring the first goal
Jisung, trying to make his move
Korea celebrates their victory
Surprisingly a penalty card was only pulled out once and it was a yellow one for Vasilis Torosidis (GRE). Until KOR started playing their cards towards the end of the game by subbing twice. I loved the Matchcast, I felt the tension building up but I'd really rather watch it instead (Goes searching for channel listings). Korea totally pawned Greece on this game while I feel that powerful fighting spirit, I'm spoiling it for everyone else. Although I was hoping Greece could stay if only they had scored 1 goal. Tsk it would have been fun to watch Greece go against Argentina. Can't wait to watch it on telly.

Catch you folks again on the next game.

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