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I'm going to try my best not to be butthurt about missing 2 days worth of photos so as to not blogging about the experience. This trip to SG has been very interesting. I could start by narrating about the hotel. Oh boy are you in for a treat!
Day 1: Our Hotel & The Botanical Garden
In photo: View from Faber Point a.k.a Mt. Faber home of one of Singapore's Merlion


We stayed at the Peninsula. Excelsor Hotel right in the heart of the City. Just 25 minutes from the Airport
A lot of places of interest were just a couple of blocks away like Clarke Quay, the MRT, Raffles Hotel, City Link Mall, St. Andrew's Cathedral (which we didn't know was an Anglican Church), The Museum (which we didn't bother to visit).  All in all I love the place because of the view from our room and the free breakfast.

They do have lousy service, I say so because the lady who checked us in gave a key to an occupied room. So you can imagine us (mum first) entering an occupied room with some man lying down in bed watching TV (because it did happen) and us rushing down to the lobby complain. We did get our room and a measly 'sorry' to go with it. Just as if nothing happen. The following day we experienced a power outage which the staff claims happened for the very first time. This was when I discovered that there was a lot of renovations going on in the hotel because we took the fire escape stairs that locked themselves. AND they have a crazy elevator and automated door lock system that just acts up on you, just because. Oh yeah did I mention that they have internet? Wired- so if you're staying here make sure your laptop is wired internet ready (unlike the one I brought) *face palm*

sunset view
sunrise view
Would I return to this hotel? YES! For all the practical reasons yes. They have an awesome glass pool which I'm relieved to say I didn't take a picture of. I just love the place simply because it's close to all the places we needed to cover during our stay.

I made this ambitious itinerary for us without putting into consideration that Granny's coming along with us so I made constant changes. We did attempt to go around the whole of Singapore's Botanical garden. Mind you, ATTEMPT to do the whole place in one afternoon? Impossible not even mum and I can do it.

Here are travel tips for the Botanical Garden tour if you're not fond of walking kilometers.
  1. Bring a bottle of water. The vendor across the Botanical Garden at Napier road sells water but he's on a price hike. If you're lucky the ice cream man will be there also, have an ice cream sandwich instead
  2. If you're not a fan of walking, head on down to the Botany Center's library and read a book
  3. Spot the animals (left photo)
  4. While at the Botany center marvel at their exhibits and sculptures.
  5. shall we compare notes, sir?
  6. Wear comfortable shoes and light clothes.
  7. spare a whole day for this!
  8. Bring your student / senior citizen ID
Granny gave up before we got half way since I stalled them a bit from watching squirrels run up a palm tree. Oh really? YES REALLY! Squirrels in SG.

There's mum taking a break from the first half of the walk around the garden.
The patio where many about to be wed couples are having their wedding photos taken. There were a lot that day. Some tourists even took pictures of them. I love this place. It's just so picture perfect.

Entering the Botanical Garden is free, I would often see people around here killing time by reading a book, lazing about on their picnic mats, and just sitting as they take in all fresh air and greenery. What would cost you is entering their Orchid Garden (definitely worth your SG$10). If you have your valid student ID with you, you get in for free. I got in despite having a foreign student ID but whatever works, right?
This is the first thing you'll see once you get inside.

After a long trip around the Garden we then checked in our hotel room and made our way to grab some dinner. This is the first time I ate at non-hawker / food court set-up in SG. We had dinner at New York New York at City link mall with Tita Mila and her family. I had.. toastnom nom nom-ing in commemoration of Ya Kun Kaya Toast which is a native snack / breakfast item here.

End of Day 1

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