Madurodam: A Little Big Country

There are a number of touristy areas in The Hague. One of which should be crowned as the "Showcase of The Netherlands". This one place has packaged all of the beautiful sights of the country into one mini-golf-sized town called "Madurodam".

Madurodam is popular with the kids for its interactive displays. Oh how I wished I was a kid again but believe me you don't have to be a kid to enjoy this place. Like the Mars Factory for example, visitors can drop a coin and get a candy.
 Sweet deal huh? It is, until the birds came.
the birds are watching

They even have an interactive diorama of their river gates. These are used to transport their water vehicles from one water level to another.

Another favorite is their guess-the-smell exhibit. "Push the button to smell" said the instructions, I was quite hesitant. I have to admit I was a bit paranoid thinking I might push-to-smell-fart in one of the blind boxes but nothing like that happened.
smelling in action

Another fun fact about Madurodam is that it had its own Mayor, Princess Beatrix. An actual princess who eventually became the Queen of the Netherlands. True story. Madurodam takes its name from a Jewish Law Student named George Maduro. He's was given post-humus recognition for preventing the Nazis from attacking The Hague.

That about sums up Madurodam. Don't miss it if ever you're in the Hague for a quick overview of The Netherlands.

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