Moving out

I have moved here

Like any other human, I am moving on the next chapter of life. I need to declutter because my priorities & responsibilities are changing. You, my readers, have grown with me in that sense.

I have considered revamping this old host but at the rate that my old images are getting deleted, I can't do so much as to even save those bits of memories I have already shared with you.

Looking back at the 10 years worth of stories there were definitely a lot of "lols" and typos and grammatical errors... how did we all survive that blur?

What I do know is that I am bringing the same kookiness that you loved from here onto the new host. Probably rehash some of those old stories with better curated content. Stuff I learn from the "art world". bah.

I hope you shall join me again for another ride.

Later days!

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